Case Evaluation

We should discuss your case as promptly as possible in order to preserve all evidence which might help you. Some evidence disappears naturally, such as road or other environmental conditions. Some evidence will be destroyed by the government unless we make a prompt demand to preserve it, such as the tapes of radio calls by the police. And some evidence becomes unreliable with the passage of time, such as witness memories.

Kindly call my office at 301-762-5305, to schedule a telephone or in person interview. In addition, kindly fax me at 240-465-0070 with whatever records you have pertaining to your case. Such records would include Citations, Police Reports, Statements of Charges, Chemical Test Results, Police Warning Forms, Court Summonses, etc.

Alternatively, you can email me at, with whatever details you have available. At the very least, in order for our conversation to be useful, please provide the following information:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your Phone Numbers at home, work or your cell phone number.
  3. Your Full Name and Address.
  4. Your Date of Birth.
  5. What You Have Been Charged With — such as DUI, Assault, Robbery, Shoplifting, etc.
  6. Your Court Date — when you must appear in court for your next hearing, trial, sentencing, violation of probation or appeal.
  7. Whether You are Scheduled for District Court, Circuit Court, Magistrates Court, U. S. Court, Juvenile Court or the MVA.
  8. Whether You are on Parole or Probation.
  9. The Approximate Dates of Any Previous Convictions.

I will review the information you email to me, the documents you fax, scan or mail to me — and I will call, email, or write to you.